About Us

We are specialized in tailor - made high quality of itineraries like trekking, expeditions, skiing, rafting, cultural tour, tribal tours, motorbike tours, camel / jeep safari, cycling tours, camping tours as well as wildlife in various parts of in India. Our theme is to provide excellent and non-compromise services to valuable clients. At the same time we design our tours in such a manner that they are environmentally and culturally sensitive, while contributing to local economies with eco-friendly. Our philosophy is: - The Quality of Service with a Personal Touch.

History of the company
Adventure Tours was founded in 1994 by S. B. Gurong, belongs to Leh- Ladakh who began his vision towards Travel & Tourism while he was teenager from 1979. Been Traveled almost all the region of Jammu & Kashmir as well as Ladakh as an assistant guide cum tour leader. As years been passed with the lots of experience, knowledge about the area then he came up with one goal to show all his fellow friends who been traveled with him and share all his thoughts about the Himalayan Mountains. Henceforth he started to leading individual travelers as well small groups to larger groups. With all his experiences many who traveled with him became very close friends. Now working for one of Ladakh's most renowned companies, SB decided to start his own company in 1994. He has worked over the years with western clients on many different kinds of tours, from major climbing expeditions to small, low budget individual treks. SB has thus acquired a solid understanding of the different needs and expectations of clients, and his attention to detail and customer satisfaction are the core values of his company. In Ladakh, Adventure Tours has a reputation for absolute reliability and uncompromising provision of high quality service in trekking and climbing. Since 1997 Adventure Tours has gradually expanded its areas of operation to include other parts of the Himalayas, such as Kinnaur & Spiti Valley, Uttarakhand, Sikkim & Darjeeling, and more recently also newly opened tribal areas of India's Northeast, such as Arunachal Pradesh and Orissa. We move only into new areas of operation when we are convinced that we can maintain our high standards.

Adventure Tours maintains a small, but very experienced staff, most of who have been trained by the company itself to ensure that the philosophy of the company is shared by all employees. Guides are selected with great care and the company invests considerable resources in providing them with formal training in foreign languages such as French. In some cases supporting staff's studies in France, Switzerland and more routinely at Alliance Française in New Delhi. Adventure Tours has main offices in New Delhi and Leh with branch offices in Shimla, Garhwal and Darjeeling so as to ensure the best possible level of service in all the main areas of operation. Local staffs are employed at all these places.

We have experience with a full range of adventure sports and travel forms, including trekking and climbing, rafting, cycling, motorbike tours and jeep safaris, skiing and snowboarding, as well as paragliding.

Among our biggest operations :-
• Kidar Dome Expedition by French Climbers in 1999
• 18-jeeps of TERRANO II (Nissan), 43-day jeep, rally from Bombay to Lhasa via Bhutan & Nepal in 2001
• Swiss Expeditions to Arwa Tower North Face (first ascent 2002)
• Spanish / German / French - Kun Expeditions in August 2005
• Swiss Medical Expedition for Kun (South Ridge 7084 meter) in July 2009

(We can handle all travel and logistics for adventure tours of any size).

Adventure Tours uses only high quality equipment's. Most of our equipment's are Vaude, Tatanka, North Face and Coleman. We are providing oxygen Chambers and Bottles for high altitude treks and expeditions.