Monastery in Ladakh

Alchi Monastery
alchi monastery, adventure tours Alchi Monastery is located 69 km. west from Leh, opposite to village Saspol. Alchi Monastery is considered to be the oldest famous monastery in Ladakh. This monastery was built by Lotsava (Translator) Rinchen Zangpo more than 1000 years ago. Inside the monastery, one can have look of beautiful painting, statue of Bodhisattvas. It is said that Richen Zanpo bought 32 sculptor and woodcarver from Kashmir to build the monastery, which is based on Mandala.

Hemis Monastery
hemsi monastery, adventure tours Hemis Monastery is located 45 kms from Leh. It is on the west bank of the Indus River, the monastery belongs to Drugpa order built on a green hillside bounded by fabulous mountain scenery. It is the biggest and wealthiest monastery in Ladakh and is a must for visitor. The monastery was founded by the 1st incarnation of Stagsang Raspa Nawang Gyatso in 1630 AD, who was invited to Ladakh by the king Singay Namgyal and was offered a religious estate throughout the region.

Lamayuru Monastery
lamayuru monastery, adventure tours Lamayuru Monastery is situated 125 km from Leh. Mahasiddha Naropa came to this place in place 11th century and the cave where he resided and meditated is still to be seen today. Then Rinchen Zangpo, the translator came to build monastery there. Thereafter for many years the monastery was administered by the Zhwa-mar-pa, after which the Dharmaraja Jamyang Namgial offered it to Chosje Danma, when he had invited him to Ladakh.

Diskit Monastery
diskit monastery, adventure tours Diskit Monastery is on the hill top of mountain, founded in 1420 by Sherab Zangpo of Stod during the lifetime of the Dharmaraja Gragspa. About 100 monks reside in the monastery. Gustor festival which takes place every year on the 28th and 29th days of the 12th month of Tibetan calendar. There are all kinds of thangkas, beautiful wall-paintings and shrines.

Chemday Monastery
chemday monastery, adventure tours Chemday Monsastery is situated 40 kms east of Leh; the monastery is located on the mountain side and was founded 365 years ago by Lama Stagsang Raschen with the Dharma Raja Singey Namgial acting as patron. Inside the monastery there is sacred image of Padmasambhava one storey in height. There are 300 monks in residence and the successive reincarnations of Lama Tagsang Raschen act as the incumbents of the monastery.

Karsha Monastery
karsha monastery, adventure tours Karsha monastery is the largest monastery in Zanskar valley. Karsha is also called Karcha and takes its name from two villages there - Phyikar (Outer White) and Nangkar (Inner white). Karsha Monastery was first established by Phagspa Sherab and present monastery was built by Dorje Sherab. Gustor Festival is celebrated every year on the 28th and 29th days of the 6th Tibetan month.

Phugtal Monastery
phugtal monastery, adventure tours Phugtal Monastery also known as Phuktal Monastery, is more than 500 years old and one of the oldest monasteries of Ladakh. This Monastery is build inside the huge cave, called Phugtal (through cave). Monastery was founded by Phagspa Sherab in acient times. Gustor festival celebrates according to the Tibetan calender 12th Tibetan month which comes every year on the 18th and 19th day. To reach Phugtal monastery from Padum by trek, takes 3 days.

Phyang Monastery
phyang monastery, adventure tours The Phyang Monastery is situated 17 km west from Leh town. The Phyang Monastery was founded more than 450 years ago by Chosje Danma Kunga from Digung. The Gang-sngon Tsedub festival celebrates every year from the 2nd to the 3rd day of 6th month of Tibetan Calender. Approx. 70 monks reside in the monastery and successive reincarnation of Skyabje Toldan Rinpoche act as the incumbent of the monastery.

Rangdum Monastery
rangdum monastery, adventure toursRangdum Monastery (Shadup Dzamlinggyan) is more than 250 year old, founded by Lobzang Gelegs Yeshes Gragspa Naristsang during the lifetime of Dharmaraja Tsewang Namgyal. It is the leading of seven branch monastery attached to Naristang Monastery. Inside the monastery, the statue of protective deity is Dorje Shugsdan and the local guardian spirit is Yodonma, can be seen.

Rizong Monastery
rizong monastery, adventure toursThe Rizong Monastery is also known as Vuma Changchubling. it was built more than 135 year ago by great Lama Tsultim Nima. In the Rizong Monastery there are the printing blocks with the biography of Lama Tsultim Nima, made by the first Sras Rinpoche. The monastery is located 74 km west from city Leh and sited in a solitary position. Just 2 km below there is a nunnery called Chulichan where about 20 nuns reside.

Likir Monastery
likir monastery, adventure toursLikir monastery is 52 km west of Leh. The monastery was built in 1065 by King Lhachen Gyalpo, the fifth king of Ladakh. According to history, the monastery was encircled by the bodies of the great serpent spirits, the naga-rajas and so its name became widely renowned as Likir (Lhukil). Inside the monastery one can visit the museum and beautiful fresco painting (Thangka) in Tibetan style, statue of many Bodhisattvas.

Spituk Monastery
spituk monastery, adventure toursSpituk Monastery is 8 km from Leh. The monastery standing on a conical hill with 3 chapels was founded in the 11th century by Od - Ide the elder brother of Lha Lama Changchub Od. When Rinchen Zangpo, the translator came to that place, he said that and exemplary religious community would arise there and so the monastery was called Spithub. That time it belongs to the Kadampa School. Then during the time of Dharmaraja Takspa Bum-Lde Lama Lhawang Lotus resorted the monastery and the stainless order of Tsongkhapa was introduced and it has remained intact as such up till date. The Principal statue is that of the lord Buddha. Within this Stature there is a sacred statue image of Amitayus about a finger length in height, presented to Takspa Bum-Lde by the great Tsongkhapa.

Stok Palace & Monastery
stok palace & monastery, adventure toursPalace is located 15 km south of leh and to the west bank of Indus river. The royal palace dating from the 1825 when the invading Dogra forces deposed the king of Ladakh. The Palace is a tedious building where only a dozen of the 80 rooms are used. The small palace Museum is worth visiting. The Gonpa was found by Lama Lhawang Lotus in 14th century, and has some ritural mask dance (Guru Tseschu) held on the 9th and 10th day of the 1st Tibetan month.

Shey Palace & Monastery
shey palace & monastery, adventure toursShey Palace & Monastery is located 15 km east from city Leh. This Palace is built by King Deldan Namgial in the beginning of the 17th century AD. The main image in the monastery is the copper guided 3 storey statue of Buddha Shakyamuni which was built by King Deldan Namgial in the funeral memory of his father in 1630. The Statue is the only one of its kind in the region.

Thiksey Monastery
thiksey monastery, adventure toursThiksey Gompa, 20 kms from Leh is the most beautiful of all monasteries in Ladakh and belongs to the gelukpa order. Sherab Zangpo of Stod first built the Gompa of Stakmo. Later the nephew of Sherab Sangpo, Spon Paldan Sherab Founded the THiksey Gompa on a hill top to north of Indus river in 1430 AD. There are sacred shrines and many precious objects to be seen. There are eighty monks residing in the Gompa.

Takthok Monastery
takthok monastery, adventure toursTakthok monastery is situated in Sakti village. The monastery is located 50 km east from city Leh. According to legend, there was a meditation cave of a Mahasiddha called Kunga Phuntsog before the monastery. The roof and walls of the monastery are all made of rock after that it was given name Takthok.

Samstanling Monastery
takthok monastery, adventure toursSamstanling Monastery is founded by Lama Tsultim Nima around 140 years ago. The Monastery is situated in a Village called Sumur in Nubra district. This Monastery is located 123 km north from city Leh. In this monastery 50 monks reside and their food and dress provisions are provided by the governing body of the monastery. The successive reincarnations of Lama Tsultim Nima and of Sras Rinpoche act as the incumbents of the monastery.